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Choosing the best toys for your toddler

We understand how choosing toys for toddlers can be daunting for parents. Today, information related to everything is available at mere fingertips—(read thumbs). With so much information and options to choose from, parents often get confused. We all want to make informed choices, but too many of information can make things rather unclear. You want to spend your money on something that will make your kids happy, keep them busy, is not harmful to them, and helps in their growth on all levels.

This is also a fact that no matter how many new and best-quality toys a child gets, he will always end up playing with random things lying around the house. Cardboard boxes, lids, ladles, and pans are every child’s best friends. Maybe this is because they see adults working around with these things and they imitate. 

However, having age-appropriate and good-quality toys is also vital for a child’s physical, cognitive, motor skills, and gross growth.

But how do you know if a particular toy is worth the price tag it comes with, and will be beneficial for your toddler?

We have compiled this piece jam-packed with everything you ought to know before buying toys for your kids.

Choose toys that are per the age of your child -

This is one of the vital parts to consider when buying toys for toddlers. You do not want your toddler to be overstimulated by giving him something to play with that is earlier for his age. Similarly, if you give your toddler toys that are meant for younger than his age, you may bore him, and this may stall his motor skills and gross skills growth. 

For example, giving your toddler a complex jigsaw puzzle to play with will do him no good. Always check the median age mentioned on the toy box. 

See where your child’s interest lies -

As a rule of thumb, we humans tend to learn things quickly when we are interested in them. The same goes for your toddlers. Observe and narrow down your child’s interests. Your child will be more than happy to play with things he is interested in and it will help him grow in all areas. 

For example, if you find your child interested in doodling and scribbling or drawing, get him age-appropriate art supplies like washable markers, color pens, and a whiteboard. If your child likes to construct things, get him a set of big-sized building blocks. You will see your child behaving differently when you give him things of his interest.

See how safe a toy is for your child -

First things first. Check if a toy you are buying for your child is made up of non-toxic and non-combustible material. Check the label to see if it meets the security standards. If not enough information is available, contact the manufacturer. You cannot take risks with your child’s safety.

With younger kids, having detachable toys is not a good idea. Younger children tend to put things in their mouths. This is their way of exploring things. You cannot monitor your child all the time so why take a risk? 

Also, battery-operated toys are not suitable for younger children. If you buy something like that, always make sure the battery compartment is secured by sturdy screws. 

Since toddlers put everything in their mouths to explore and you can expect them to drop their toys in all places, choose something that is easily washable. 

Welcome sensory toys for babies -

If you want to enhance your child’s problem-solving and language development skills, sensory toys are your way to go. Sensory toys are entertaining and while doing so, they stimulate your child’s nervous system.

Different toys are meant to stimulate and develop different skills. For example, if your child is more into creating things with his hands, get him clay or play-doh. It will help in improving his movements by enhancing his sense of touch. If your child is more into music, get him toys that use music, or songs. It will help in enhancing his listening skills.

Introduce toys that need a company to play with -

If your child is the firstborn, you need to work on him so that he enjoys the company—of adults and especially of kids his age. You can choose toys that need a partner to play with. Or, when you buy a toy, be his partner. This helps in inculcating the habits of sharing, teamwork, and patience in your child.

Some of the best toy choices for your toddler -

The toddler age of a child falls between 12-36 months. So we will discuss some brilliant toy ideas for kids of this age group.

For one-year-olds:

  • Board books that have simple illustrations and or photographs of real things.
  • Wide non-toxic washable markers and whiteboards
  • Recordings with songs rhymes stories
  • Dress up toys like scarves, purses, stuff toys, puppets, plastic and wood animals and vehicles, toy phones, dolls, baby carriages, strollers.
  • Puzzles, large peg boards, and large and small balls. Toys with small parts that develop their motor skills like lids, latches, switches, knobs, etc.
  • Cardboard and wood boxes

Toys for two-year-olds

  • Problem-solving puzzles, snap-together blocks, object to sort like buckles, buttons, or shape-wise sorting.
  • Pretending and building toys like constructions sets, toys furniture, kitchen sets, sand and water play sets
  • Washable markers and crayons, paintbrushes, fingerpaints, colored paper, toy scissors, chalkboard and big boards, rhythm instruments
  • Detailed picture books
  • Balls for kick and throwing, ride-on toys, low slides, toys that require hammering and pounding.

Final word:

Toys play a vital part in a child’s development and growth. Therefore, it is necessary to research a lot and then buy something that would be beneficial for your child. 

Today, markets are full of all sorts of toys. It is easy to get carried on with so many options. If you want to get the best quality toys for your toddler, visit MyToyShop. We promise you will return home with a bunch of the best toys.